I’m Daphne, but most people call me Daph. By day, I am an aspiring public relations professional and recent graduate from the University of Oregon’s journalism school. By night? Find me rooting for the Trail Blazers, testing out new food recipes or catching up on my latest Netflix binge.

Over the last few years, curiosity has fueled my passion to expand my knowledge of the public relations and communications field. I build inspiration from the experiences that have opened my eyes to a wide range of opportunities.

If you asked me four years ago what I would have wanted to do after college, I would have told you, a news reporter for the New York Times, without hesitation. While my passion for writing carried out through the years, I grew an adoration for the strategic side of media planning when I arrived at the UO School of Journalism and Communication. Hence, becoming a self-proclaimed public relations extraordinaire.

By pursuing a bachelor degree in journalism with a focus in public relations, I am looking forward to continue my passion for storytelling through the creative and innovative world of digital media. Above all else, I am an optimistically curious learner who strives to create, inspire, and leave my audience wanting more.