Daphne Martin strives to produce stories worth being told.

Influencing audiences with creativity, strategy, and innovative ideas through digital media is not a goal, but a standard. With a wide range of experience under my belt - from sports reporting for the University of Oregon athletics to creating social media content for lifestyle brands - I continue to embrace diverse perspectives to fuel my curiosity and expand my knowledge in the public relations field.

These experiences have allowed me to learn and implement my knowledge of the world of public relations under the wings of those who do it best in a professional environment. I am efficient, attentive and goal-oriented and I strive to give my best effort toward the work expected of me.

My ideal career would be in digital media strategy for lifestyle brands. Working with a variety of clients to grow their brands across several platforms has made me more interested in event planning and design-focused projects. After taking Strategic Public Relations Communication at the UO’s School of Journalism and Communication, I realized how passionate I am with web design and blogging. I value a work environment which values teamwork and the ability to blend strategic content and design.

By pursuing a bachelor degree in journalism with a public relations major, I am looking forward to continue my drive for storytelling through the creative and innovative world of digital media. Above all else, I am a curious learner who believes in empowerment through collaborating to create, inspire, and leave the audience wanting more.